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Art Scarves an online workshop

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Want to learn how to make these fabulous silk scarves?

Are you confused by the techniques used in natural dyeing and botanical printing?

 Is the terminology or phases used in botanical printing making your head is spin?. You wonder how these scarves are made and would like to learn to do this yourself!

Do you struggle to set yourself apart from other artists?

I have created a step by step online course that walks you through the entire process of how to achieve successful prints. 

While learning the different techniques you will make small samples on silk fabrics.  Then after you have discovered the secrets to success, you will be able to make many fabulous silk scarves like those seen above.

Here is what you will learn in this jampacked online workshop.

  • How to mordant silk properly
  • Learn the best formulas for dyes and mordants
  • How to solid shade dye silk scarves with natural dye extracts.
  • How to post mordant
  • How to use an iron blanket
  • Understand when to pre or post iron dip
  • How to use multiple color blankets
  • How to add textured patterns and design to your prints
  • Clarify terms and processes
  • Be guided with art concepts.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Got questions.

Email contact kathyhaysdesigns@

***Please note: There is no refund for digital products

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Unlimited access with numerous videos and documents in this self paced online workshop.


Art Scarves an online workshop

0 ratings
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