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Masterworks - Advanced Botanical Printing

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Unleash your creativity with natural dyes and botanical printing.

Imagine using natural dye solutions that are combined with botanical printing that will awaken your creative spirit.  

Learn to make and create background patterns to simulate a jacquard tapestry that is combined with botanical prints.  This depth and distinction is what becomes your personal art signature. 

Emphasis is placed on developing your own personal style through the techniques presented.  So much is possible once you learn the two techniques presented.

All fabric types can be used, however protein fibers yield the best results.

Only natural dye extracts are used, no synthetic applications or enhancements.

Look closely at the incredible detail that can be obtained.

This is an advanced course for those who have:

  • good bundling techniques
  • confident mordanting practice
  • understand natural dyes
  • have sound botanical printing skills
  • know your local plant materials
  • when you want your work to to be different

Look around, the botanical prints you see have a very similar appearance.  What sets your print apart from the next?

In Masterworks I show you how to use a lace printing technique, so depending upon the lace used each lace will give a different effect.  

I will also be teaching a layering technique that adds depth and distinction. Depending upon your choices of design elements, your prints will now have a unique and intriguing style. A lot of self-expression comes into these processes.  Let your creativity run wild.

The course consists of five chapters. In the First Chapter learn how to make texture tools and printing paste that will be used in Chapter Two to create textures on a textile. 

During the second chapter you will learn to use the tools and dye solutions on a textile to create interesting patterns and designs. 

In the third chapter learn how to set the designs before embarking upon make a botanical print. 

For the fourth chapter the focus is on how to apply your known skills of botanical printing to expose the textures applied previously.  There will be natural dye blankets applied to give more depth and dimension to your prints.  

During Chapter Five the focus will shift to printing with lace. This is a very unique process but it can be used a single print or incorporated with botanical printing.  Either way, there are unlimited possibilities, it is up to you to create the one of kind print.

Join me to learn these exceptional botanical printing techniques!

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Masterworks - Advanced Botanical Printing

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