The Fundamentals of Eco Printing on Fabric

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The Fundamentals of Eco Printing on Fabric

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Struggling with Eco Printing?

Looking to get clear and crisp prints?

Look no farther!

Start today and you work at your own pace.

Have you joined internet groups or watched You Tube to learn how to Eco Print?  It all seems so confusing and contradicting.

You have tried to figure this out on your own and nothing is giving you the results you need - right?

The Fundementals of Eco Printing on Fabric is what you need to put you on the right track.

This well organized course is designed to learn the basics and prepare you for more techniques ahead. Learning the fundementals is key for future success.

This is a self paced program.  You will have access 24/7 to suit your needs.  This is not Zoom, but rather full professional instruction.  

Upon purchase you will have complete access to work through the lessons on your time frame.  

The videos can be played again and again and printable document to keep for future reference.

  Stop feeling frustrated.  Stop the disappointment.

Start learning and feeling proud of your work.

What you can expect to learn

  • Fabrics, supplies and solutions

  • Proper equipment and tools

  • Two bundling methods

  • Plant suggestions

  • Understand ghost images

  • How to use a barrier and why

  • Use an iron blanket

  • Make an onion skin bath

  • How to care for eco printed fabrics

  • Make a scarf with title technique

Have questions? Send email, and I will gladly answer your questions!

***Please note: There is no refund for digital products

I want this!
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